Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of June 11

Before a typically brief outline of this week’s guests, it’s worth noting that Stephen Colbert tackled some science topics in the non-interview segments of his programs last week.  Last Tuesday (June 5) Colbert tackled the fact that the Centers for Disease Control felt obligated to reassure the public that there is no zombie apocalypse (seems like some cheeky reporter asked the agency for a response).  Blame that on a spate of crimes where victims had parts of them consumed.  On last Wednesday’s show (June 6) Colbert noted the passage of science fiction author Ray Bradbury and he marked the transit of Venus across the sun.

On to this week’s programs.  This is essentially an all-Colbert post, unless I feel like mentioning the animal experts this week (and I don’t).  On Tuesday Will Allen visits with Stephen.  Allen has led the development of a notable urban farm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has developed an organization to help foster similar community projects across the country.

I’ll simply close by noting that guest list for Friday’s episodeof The Late, Late Show has not been disclosed as of this writing.  If there’s a needed update, check the blog and/or the blog’s Twitter feed – @p_phronesis.