In Case You Thought What Justin Bieber Was Missing Was…Math?

My music coverage here is pretty heavy on the sciences, so I like to include math material when I find it.

Courtesy of the most famous mathematician most of you know, Danica McKellar.

The song uses the music from “Baby.”

(Apparently McKellar likes the guy, so for those who don’t, here’s the alternate version of the video)

On the album front, please note an upcoming release, Science Fair (H/T Ivan Oransky) targeted toward science and engineering education for girls (specifically the work at Girls Inc.).  This is that rare overlap between Justin Bieber and independent music.

Released by Spare the Rock Records (they also have a weekly radio show in New Engalnd), Science Fair has 18 songs from a variety of independent acts. You may or may not know the artist names, but the song titles suggest they aren’t playing around where the science content is concerned.  It includes at least one cover (“I Am A Scientist” is originally by Guided By Voices), and other songs mention Madame Curie, Heisenberg, phytoplankton and a science fair.

The album will be available July 3.  Check back on the Spare the Rock website for physical and digital distribution details.