Notes on Sources

I’ll make notes here about sources in this blog and how they might affect your reading of it.  Updates will either have a date in the text or as a parenthetical.

There are two main categories of concern – stuff behind pay walls and broken links.  If you note either on this blog that haven’t been mentioned in that post or on this page, holler (E-mail, comment, or site feedback).


Free items on some websites are sometimes free for a limited time.  Should websites that were free shift to a paying model, links that were free at the time of posting may no longer be free.

Nature news stories typically start as free items, and eventually disappear behind a pay wall.  In most cases I will cite additional or alternate sources to the same story or incident.  (July 2009)

UPDATE (March 2010)  Nature has opted to make their news archive available to all.  Good on them.

The Scientist allows free access to content if you register, but only for a limited time for certain articles.  After that time has elapsed, content is available only to subscribers.  (March 2010)

Dead Links

Broken links can show up for a number of reasons, including the change of a website.

The early February 2010 shift of the Office of Science and Technology Policy website broke a few links, as well as the RSS Feed for the OSTP blog. (February 2010)

Changes in government can contribute to link rot.  With the May 2010 switch in government in the U.K., several of the links to U.K. government documents went dead.  While some pages may note that you are now on a page connected to the previous government, many simply are no help at all in finding the historical material.

With the January 2011 switch in control of the House, committee and leadership websites will change.  I don’t know how effectively older material will be archived, but I would anticipate some link rot.

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