Man Behind Symphony Of Science Helps Out PBS

John Boswell, user melodysheep on the YouTube, is the fellow behind Symphony of Science, the auto-tuning of scientists that I’ve highlighted on these pages.  He stands to become a bit better known thanks to what may be the first of many auto-tunings for PBS.  The first video, of Mr. Rogers, was released today.  (Go ahead, visit his neighborhood.)  With PBS footage (and other footage of faces familiar to PBS) common in his other work, Boswell is a natural for helping PBS grow in the minds of new viewers.

Boswell is a busy fellow, on this and other projects.  You can get a bundle of his science songs from the website, and he is available should you have something in mind for his talents.  The Symphony of Science videos since my last update are the following (if you watch the videos on the Symphony website you can get lyrics as well):