Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 27

Most of the shows are back from their July breaks.  Of the programs still in repeats, you can see Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory on Friday, on a repeat of an appearance with Ellen DeGeneres back in March.

Regrettably, the new episodes this week have no science and technology guests of note.  I am assuming you can catch Chi-Lan Lieu, The Talk‘s technology correspondent, on Friday’s program.  With Jon Stewart leaving at the end of next week, the guest list on The Daily Show is focused away from science and technology guests (I do hope Neil deGrasse Tyson will show up before the final show on August 6).  New host Trevor Noah will sit down with James Corden on Tuesday, but I don’t expect future Daily Show guests will be a big emphasis in this conversation.

Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 20

There are fewer repeats this week, as the Comedy Central programs have returned from their July break.  This will mark the beginning of the end for Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show, as he will step away from the anchor desk on August 6.  New host Trevor Noah may or may not make another appearance on the program before he takes over on September 28.  Regardless, there are no science or technology guests scheduled this week for The Daily Show.

(At the moment, I do not know what the network intends to show in the time slot between hosts.  Certainly there will be repeats, but there may or may not be theme weeks and some pre-emptions.)

In the repeats this week we have most of the few science and technology guests available.  Sasha Alexander was a guest on Conan in March, and that episode will repeat on Tuesday.  She plays a medical examiner on Rizzoli & Isles, though she was not there to promote the show during that visit.  On Friday The Ellen DeGeneres Show will re-run the April appearance of Kunal Nayyar from The Big Bang Theory.  He plays an engineer.

The only relevant guest in this week’s new episodes is Chi-Lan Lieu.  She’s the technology correspondent for The Talk, and will be on the show Friday.  There now appears to be a pattern to her appearances, at least for this summer, of Friday appearances, so I may leave them off from future postings unless and until a pattern changes.

Thankfully, new MythBusters episodes continue on Saturdays in the U.S. on the Discovery Channel.

While We Wait For More Pluto Photos…

Data downloads from the end of the solar system take time, as does the data processing necessary to make the pretty pictures.  You can bide your time by checking out some of the videos developed in response to the New Horizons flyby.

First, from Coma Niddy:

Tom McFadden took on Pluto’s largest moon in his latest Science Times video, which breaks from musical form for obvious reasons:

While there are likely other music videos out there, I want to close with a late night host.  Stephen Colbert hasn’t officially started on The Late Show, but he has been releasing videos either about putting the show together or news events that demand comment now.  The Pluto flyby is one of those things.  I’m now very comfortable in saying Colbert’s Late Show will be frequently mentioned in my late night science and technology posts.

Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 13

Summer repeats continue this week, but the specific shows that are off have changed.  In this week’s repeats, you can catch the recent appearances of Extant stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Monday/tonight) and Halle Berry (Friday) on Jimmy Kimmel’s program.

With all the Comedy Central programs pre-empted this week, the new programs suffer from a paucity of science and technology guests.  The Talk‘s tech correspondent will be on this Friday, but that’s just about it.  There are actors associated with some science-fictiony films out this month, and one actor promoting a series where animals are acting oddly.  But the quality of these projects make me reluctant to say anything more.

At least there are new episodes of MythBusters starting on Saturday in the U.S.  And you could watch the future host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, on The Tonight Show this Friday.  He’s scheduled to start his first show on September 20, about six weeks after Jon Stewart helms the broadcast for the last time.

The Next MacGyver Finalists Pull From Many Genres

Earlier today the National Academy of Engineering and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering announced the 12 finalists in The Next MacGyver contest.  The 12 finalists will present their concepts for a television show focused on a female engineer at the Paley Center on July 28.  The five winners will receive $5000 and be paired with a television producer to help develop a script that could be pitched in Hollywood.

The 12 finalists (11 individuals and one team) were selected from nearly 2000 entries, and their concepts are inspired by MacGyver, but by no means are intended to copy the show, aside from showcasing a talented engineer (or engineers).  The proposed shows cover a variety of genres and time periods, and one would even break the proverbial fourth wall of television with a social media element to the program.  Sadly, if the concepts advanced here have the typical Hollywood chance, at most one of them *might* get a pilot.  That’s too bad.

Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 6

This week there will be plenty of reruns on the late night programs following the Fourth of July holiday.  Add to that a shifted schedule for Conan, who will be broadcasting new shows from San Diego Wednesday through Saturday, in connection with this weekend’s Comic Con International.  Saturday’s lineup is intentionally a mystery cast, so it’s possible that people from The Big Bang Theory or another science and Comic Con friendly show will show up.

In fact, aside from some of the daytime and morning talk shows, it’s all repeats this week.  Even with Jon Stewart leaving in just over a month, The Daily Show will be off the next two weeks, along with The Nightly Show and @midnight.

Here are the science and technology guests of note you can catch again this week.  The actors are from the usual shows.

Tuesday: Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex) on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley) on @midnight.
Wednesday: Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley) on The Late, Late Show.Thursday: Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory) on Last Call.

The new programs of note are the Thursday and Friday editions of The Talk.  On Thursday, Michael Sheen will be on to promote the new season of Masters of Sex, where he plays sex researcher William Masters.  On Friday Chi-Lan Lieu, the show’s technology correspondent, will make another visit.


Science Goes To The Movies In Your Head

The City University of New York continues its series Science Goes to the Movies with two episodes focused on movies with psychological themes.

The fifth episode is available online, and covers the movies Force Majeure and RosewaterForce Majeure is a Swedish film that deals with the aftermath of a decision a father makes out of fear.  Rosewater is based on the memoir of an Iranian-Canadian journalist who was detained and interrogated by Iranian authorities following the 2009 elections in that country.  Ira Flatow joins co-hosts Faith Salie and Dr. Heather Berlin to discuss the effects of fear in Rosewater and how fear can affect people’s judgment.

The sixth episode premieres on CUNY television July 17th, and should be available online by the end of the month.  It will focus on post-traumatic stress through two recent films directed by Clint Eastwood: American Sniper and Gran Torino.  The first film focuses on an solider in Iraq and at home, and the other film chronicles the life of a Korean war veteran decades after his service.  Salie and Berlin will be joined by guests from the Marine Corps and The Headstrong Project, a program at Weill Cornell Medical College aimed at healing veterans.