Brinkman Releases Last Wellcome Video; Drops Climate Change Rap

The tenth, and apparently final, video from the Wellcome Trust supported Rap Guide to Evolution DVD was released this past week.  The release is in conjunction with the World Science Festival, where Baba Brinkman is scheduled to perform.  This would suggest that the DVDs will be available soon, but given Brinkman’s performance schedule, your patience will be rewarded.

Here’s the latest video, Artificial Selection, which focuses on domesticity.  I am one of many who make a cameo appearance, as a token of recognition for contributions to the project.

As you might note from the beginning of the video, Brinkman wrote Rap Guide to Evolution for the 2009 bicentennial of Darwin’s birth.  And while he is promoting that work during most of his U.S. tour this year, he has been developing other work.  The latest science work is a climate change rap, Rising Up (350).  You should be able to download it at a pay your own price arrangement.  He developed it while in residence at the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis.

Brinkman does not focus on science-related hip-hop, and I recommend taking a listen of all of his work.  I suspect that he’ll be back on the science beat with more new material sooner rather than later.