Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of June 11

Last week was pretty thin on science and technology content in late night.  We have the semi-regular appearance of a cast member from The Big Bang Theory.  This time it was Jim Parsons on the June 11 edition of The Tonight Show.  Parsons plays a scientist on the television program, but was likely promoting his new film.

Lance Ulanoff, a technology reporter, appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan on June 12th, showing new gadgets in advance of Father’s Day.  And because this post is pretty light, I’ll mention Nick Offerman’s recent appearance on Conan.  Best known as an actor, Offerman is also a woodworker who runs a shop in the Los Angeles area.  He showed some of his wares on the program.


Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of June 4th

Those playing doctors on film or television were the highlights of last week’s guest bookings.  Jodie Foster plays a doctor in the film Hotel Artemis.  She was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on June 4 (Monday) and with Conan O’Brien on Wednesday the 6th.  Lucy Liu, who plays Doctor Joan Watson on Elementary, made the rounds promoting her new film.  On June 4 she visited The View, and Tuesday she sat down with James Corden.

In last week’s repeats, you could have re-watched Evan Rachel Wood on Monday’s The Tonight Show.  She plays a robot on the HBO series Westworld.

Of interest to readers may be the forthcoming Neil Armstrong biographical film The First Man.  Ryan Gosling stars as Armstrong, and he visited with Jimmy Kimmel on Friday, the 8th during a pre-NBA Finals episode of the show.

Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of May 28

The Memorial Day holiday on the 28th prompted more repeats for late night and other shows.  Last week’s repeats offered a chance to re-see Silicon Valley actor Zach Woods on Late Night (May 30) and the Late Late Show (June 1).

In new programs last week, there was the semi-regular appearance from a cast member from The Big Bang Theory.  Jim Parsons was on Live with Kelly and Ryan May 29th.  The same day, Alan Cumming, who plays a behavioral scientist on Instinct, was on The Talk.

Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of May 21

Some programs took off the whole week for the Memorial Day Holiday, and others opted to air a repeat on the 25th.  The Daily Show decided to air best of episodes featuring their correspondents.  On the one focused on Ronny Chieng, you could see his December 2017 segment on cryptocurrencyThe Opposition aired repeats this past week, and on the 21st you could have seen tech executive Bari Williams April appearance where she discussed increasing diversity in technology employment.

In new episodes last week, we had another robot appearance.  Jeffrey Wright, who plays one on Westworld, was on with Carson Daly on the 21st.  Shannon Woodward, who plays a programmer on the same show, was on The Talk May 23rd.  On the 22nd Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch appeared on The Late Late Show.

With the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, expect more shows to be off at least tomorrow, if not all week.

Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of May 14

While many shows will take time off later this month for the Memorial Day holiday, some programs got an early start this week, or took a break just because they felt like it.  Of those repeats, on Friday the 18th you could have seen Evan Rachel Wood’s recent appearance on The Late Late Show.  The actress currently plays a robot on the HBO series Westworld.

Stephen Colbert had a couple of non-guest science and technology segments this past week.  On the May 17 show there was another edition of the recurring tech segment CyborgasmThis edition focused on recent stories involving artificial intelligence assistants and robots.  On the 18th Stephen spent time on recently released video of Bill Gates relating his meetings with Donald Trump.The relevant portion, which I include here due to discussions on vaccines, starts around the 2 minute 20 second mark.

Bil Nye continues to promote the latest series of Bill Nye Saves the World, now available on Netflix.  He was on the May 17th edition of Last Call with Carson Daly.

Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of May 7th

This past week the featured bookings revolved around a scientist who also plays one on TV.  Mayim Bialik.  The Big Bang Theory actress plays a neuroscientist on the show and has a Ph.D. in the discipline as well.   She also recently released her second book on human growth and development, Boying Up.  Between that and the end of the latest season of The Big Bang Theory and Bialik was everywhere late last week.  On May 10th she was on Live with Kelly and Ryan as well as The Talk.  Friday, May 11th she visited with Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert also started last week with science and technology guests.  Bialik’s Big Bang co-star Jim Parsons was on the May 7th program along with Redditt co-founder Alex Ohanian.

Westworld continues to promote its new season.  Two of the actors portraying robots continue to promote the show.  Jeffrey Wright was on the May 7th edition of Late Night and Thandie Newton appeared on the May 9th edition of The Late Late Show.

Last, but probably not least, Bill Nye visited the Desus and Mero show over on Viceland (While I think all late night programs are NSFW in parts, this program covers very adult topics).  He was the featured guest on the May 7th program.  The latest season of Bill Nye Saves the World is now available on Netflix.

Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of April 30

One thing that can be counted on for late night science and technology content remains cast members from The Big Bang Theory.  Kunal Nayyar stepped up for the show last week, appearing on Conan May 1st.

Last Monday was a double dose of people who play doctors that switched careers.  Lucy Liu stopped by Live With Kelly and Ryan on April 30.  She plays Dr. Joan Watson, now more detective than physician, on Elementary.  Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Doctor Strange in the Marvel films, was on The Late Late Show.  Strange is now best known as a sorceror rather than a neurosurgeon.

I’ll close with recent segments of note from The Daily Show.  In the April 18th episode the show ran a segment on the trend of ‘raw water’ – untreated water that some claim to have health benefits simply not possible.  On April 19th the show ran another installment of “Today’s Future Now.”  This one focused on odd environmental technologies – just in time for Earth Day.