Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of November 7

The election will suck much of the joy out of late night programming on Tuesday.  Many programs are in repeats or simply pre-empted.  Stephen Colbert is doing a show on Tuesday, but it is available only on the Showtime cable network.  CBS will air an edited version of the program on Friday.

There is some science-fiction movie promotion going on this week.  Arrival, premiering Friday in the United States, stars Amy Adams as a linguist called on to help figure out what arriving aliens are trying to say.  On Thursday you can start the day with Adams on Live with Kelly and end it with Adams on The Tonight Show.  Jeremy Renner plays a mathematician in the film, and he visit the same shows on Friday.  Passengers is another science fiction film, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt as astronauts who have woken early on a sleeper ship.  They will visit Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday.

Wednesday’s a big night for science and technology guests.  Neil deGrasse Tyson visits The Late Show that night, and a little bit later, Alton Brown is on Last Call.  Brown is the only cooking guest I list in these posts because it’s usually a lock you’ll learn something about cooking and/or technology in his segments.  He’s touring the country with a live show and has made noises about developing an online cooking show that is of kindred spirit to his landmark program Good Eats.

In other listings, Ken Jeong, who plays a doctor in Dr. Ken and was a licensed physician, visits with Jimmy Kimmel on a rare non-repeat Friday show (thank the election night pre-emption for that).

There were some items of note last week that I didn’t note in advance.  Bill Maher had President Obama on his latest edition of Real Time.  Genetically modified organisms and climate change were covered during the lengthy conversation, which the show has posted on YouTube.  The Daily Show tackled male sexual health in it’s November 1st edition, and not just the recent reports about a male birth control study that had problems retaining participants.


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