Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of October 31

Occasionally shows will record interviews and edit them for time (The Daily Show does this a lot).  However, some shows save them for later (this happens often with musical guests).  It’s possible that one such interview might finally come to light this week.  Ron Suskind was booked for The Late Show in July.  A journalist often focused on matters of policy and politics, he is also the father of an autistic child.  Life, Animated is the story of how the Suskind family dealt with their youngest son’s autism and discovered how to engage with him.  Suskind is still telling that story and it’s not clear how that will shake out on Thursday’s edition.  It’s possible that it is a new interview, depending on how much politics was discussed in July.  If the focus was on Suskind’s son, the show may just run the July segment.

There is a repeat of note.  Evan Rachel Wood, one of the android characters on Westworld, was recently on Late Night, and that appearance will air again this Friday.

Back to the rest of this week’s goodness.  StarTalk is *not* on tonight, being pre-empted for the television debut of Before the Flood, a climate change documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.  While today is Halloween, the show did a zombie episode last week, with creator of The Walking Dead (the graphic novels that spawned the television show) Robert Kirkman.  Preview clips have mentioned the CDC zombie preparedness paper, so there will certainly be some public policy discussed.  Next week (November 7) the show returns and will focus on The Man Who Knew Infinity, the 2015 film that chronicles the story of Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.  Jeremy Irons, who plays Ramanujan’s mentor in the film, is the guest.  (The White House recently hosted a discussion on the film.)

Last week I mentioned Bryce Dallas Howard’s role in a recent episode of Black Mirror.  Alice Eve co-stars with Howard in that episode, and she is on The Late Late Show tonight (Monday).  Also today, you might have caught the third appearance by YouTube science experimenter Science C on Harry.  Clearly we can expect to see more from Science C on this show in the future.  And to add to the Halloween goodness, former doctor currently playing one on TV Ken Jeong visited The View today.

Christian Slater, one of the computer hackers on Mr. Robot, is busy with shows this week.  He is the guest co-host on Live with Kelly this Thursday and Friday.  But if you can’t wait until then, you can catch him on Late Night on Wednesday.  And because it’s been just a few weeks since he’s been on somewhere besides The Big Bang Theory, Kunal Nayyar will visit The Talk on Wednesday.

In related news, the forthcoming Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World finished shooting its first season.

As it won’t air until 2017, you can expect it to be about as topical as StarTalk, rather than another Netflix talk show, Chelsea.

Enjoy your Halloween, everyone.


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