Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of November 14

There were two guests on The Late Show last week that I should have included.  On November 7th Don Cheadle was on in part to promote his episode of the National Geographic series Years of Living Dangerously.  His episode focuses on the drought in California and how it could be linked to climate change.  On November 10th Thandie Newton, who plays one of the androids on the HBO series Westworld, sat down with Stephen Colbert.  Throw in the one appearance on The Late Show I did note – Neil deGrasse Tyson on the 8th – and it was a strong week, especially in the midst of an election.

A repeat of note this week – Kumail Nanjiani’s October appearance on The Late Late Show will be rebroadcast on Friday.  Nanjiani plays one of the tech company employees featured on Silicon Valley.

I continue to neglect Star Talk, now on Mondays.  Last week’s episode focused on mathematics, with Tyson talking with Jeremy Irons, who played one of the mathematicians in the film The Man Who Knew Infinity.  (Dev Patel stars with Jeremy Irons in the film, and will be a guest on The Late Show Wednesday.  He may or may not discuss that film as he has a new project out soon.)  Tonight’s main guest will be Andy Weir, author of The Martian.  It marks a return engagement, of sorts, as Weir was on a previous episode of Star Talk, (Larry Wilmore was the main guest) though in that case Weir appeared by videoconference.

We start off the week with The Late Show, as Alton Brown is one of Stephen’s guests tonight (Monday).  Brown is the only cooking guest I feature here as he typically includes a demonstration or some other knowledge about food and how to prepare it that is lacking in other food segments.  Brown is touring with his new stage show, so I expect to see a demonstration of some ridiculous cooking apparatus.  Also of note tonight is that Nate Silver will sit down with Trevor Noah for a segment (Adrien Grenier is also a scheduled guest).  Expect Silver to tap dance throughout the segment about how his website still got some things right in predicting the outcome of last week’s election.

On Tuesday CNN medical reporter Sanjay Gupta will appear on Late Night.  Over on Harry, Jeremy Renner will talk up Arrival, where he plays a mathematician trying to figure out the aliens who have arrived on Earth.  Amy Adams will promote the film (where she plays a linguist doing the same thing) Thursday on The Late Show.



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