Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of October 24

A brief note on the dramatic decrease in posts this month.  There have been a combination of outside factors that have limited my posting (including a flood) and it seems likely I will be posting just once or twice a week for a little longer.  Apologies.

This is the biggest list of science and technology guests in recent memory.  It’s certainly my longest post on the subject in a while.  And doesn’t count any of the continued joking about the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

This week’s most tenuous listing may be Mary-Louise Parker’s appearance on The Late Show Thursday.  She stars in a new Broadway play, Heisenberg.  It’s a screwball comedy, which may or may not have some connection to the scientific work of the physicist whose name graces the play.  Given his work on uncertainty, please excuse the meta-ness of it all.

The CBS high-tech hospital drama Pure Genius premieres this week.  Dermot Mulroney plays the lead doctor in the show, which follows a high-tech, high-innovation hospital funded by a tech billionaire.  Mulroney will be on The Late Show on Tuesday, and he will be joined by his co-star Augustus Prew (who plays the tech billionaire) on Thursday’s edition of The Talk.

Adam Conover visits The Late Show tonight (Monday).  He hosts Adam Ruins Everything, a show that digs into ‘hidden secrets’ behind various things.  Some episode focus on science and technology topics, like nutrition and voting.  He will double dip tonight with an appearance on Last Call.  Also on Monday, Evan Rachel Wood visits The Tonight Show.  She plays a cyborg character on Westworld, the HBO series examining life on an adult theme park.  Wood is also on Thursday’s episode of Late Night.

While Nick Offerman may be best known for his acting, he is also an accomplished woodworker, and has a new book out focusing on his woodworking shop and woodwork in general.  He was on The Late Show discussing it on October 18, and will be on Monday’s edition of The Late Late Show promoting it.

Monday is just full of guests, including Bryce Dallas Howard, who visits Conan.  She’s in one of the episodes of the latest series of Black Mirror.  Her episode explores issues around online rating systems.  I really can’t say much more without disclosing plot points.  Howard will also be on Tuesday’s edition of The Talk.

The Daily Show is airing a clip show tonight, probably to give host Trevor Noah additional time to recover from a serious respiratory and ear infection.  But on Wednesday John Dell Volpe, a polling researcher at Harvard’s Institute of Politics is the guest.

Chelsea, available on Netflix, continues to bring on science and technology guests.  In the episode dropping Thursday, host Chelsea Handler talks with genomics pioneer Craig Venter about her genome test.  And if that’s not enough, “Science Bob” Pflugfelder returns to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday.



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