Intel And TBS Looking To Make Some Maker Television

Intel is working with the U.S. network TBS on a reality series focused on Makers.  Called America’s Greatest Makers, the program is currently reviewing potential contestants.  According to this casting notice, participants must be U.S. hardware startups that have received no more than $5 million in funding.  (More details are available here – October 2 is the deadline.)

Shooting would start in November, and possibly extend into February (contestants must be available in February).  There is no announced air date as yet.  Mark Burnett a noted reality television producer, is involved with America’s Greatest Makers.

The program is different from All-American Makers, which aired earlier this year on The Science Channel.  While both programs involve presenting a prototype to possible funders (like in Shark Tank), I get the impression that America’s Greatest Makers is a more focused program, with the inclusion of startups, an emphasis on wearable technology, and the participation of Intel.  That is said without a second of footage shot or aired on this program, so please take this with a shaker of salt.

The producers indicated that they plan a social media campaign to help promote the television show.  Keep an eye out for this once shooting starts next month.



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