Colbert’s Late Show Leads To Uptick In Late Night Science And Technology Content

Tonight marks the end of the fourth week of Stephen Colbert’s tenure at The Late Show.  Colbert often led in terms of science and technology content on his Comedy Central program and his CBS program has worked hard to maintain that lead.  This week marked the fifth tech company CEO to appear on the show – out of 19 episodes.  This week Colbert also spoke with inventor and designer Dominic Wilcox and game designer Sean Murray.  Unlike most other computer game segments at least part of Colbert’s conversation focused on the design of Murray’s forthcoming game (No Man’s Sky) and the algorithms that help populate the universe of the game.

And that was just the announced guests.  Tonight’s program included a humor segment on robots which might be a regular bit.  Earlier this week Colbert also mentioned climate change and China during another desk segment.

it even featured in the digressions. While Morgan Freeman was not on to promote Through the Wormhole, he and Stephen briefly discussed the program and the recent news about water on Mars.

So after all the churn in late night programming, it’s starting to look like science and technology content may become a larger part of the landscape.  While I have not yet watched the first week of Trevor Noah hosting The Daily Show, Larry Wilmore has brought a fair amount of science and technology content to The Nightly Show.

I still miss Craig Ferguson’s Nobel Prize monologues, but there will be plenty to post about late night television here every Monday.


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