Can Chris Mooney Break Out of His False Equivalence Prison?

Call me Sisyphus, or at least one of his kids.  I’ll keeping pointing out this counterproductive “war on science” nonsense as long as I keep finding it.

I was happily wrong about this Tweet:

All Mr. Mooney did was note someone noting someone else’s outrage over the Coburn report.

His lack of fire on what one might expect to be his wheelhouse is interesting, particularly compared to his latest fulmination at someone asserting a Democratic equivalent of the foundation of his career, The Republican War on Science.  (For reference, a handy link to all the various stones I’ve slung in Mooney’s general direction on this point.)  Mooney’s professional skin is getting thinner as he gets older.  I should have expected he hadn’t reformed.

The latest tilting at windmills comes from this post where Mooney was apparently bemused by someone trying to make the case for a “Democrat War on Science” (the improper adjectival use of Democrat is the author’s, not mine).  Mooney argues why he thinks the author fails to make his case, in the process failing on several levels.  The first of which is assuming that the author has set up a false equivalence strawman (Mooney has seen these ghostly strawmen before).  That’s not obvious from his selected quote:
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