Good News, Everyone! Rap Guide to Evolution *Revised* Is Out Now

Tonight is a science culture Thursday for more than one reason (at least in the States).  Futurama returns with new episodes on Comedy Central tonight (check those local listings).  Math jokes will make an appearance sometime during this new batch.

The other new math and science entertainment today is from Baba Brinkman (yes, this blog will shamelessly promote his peer-reviewed rap projects much like it did for TMBG’s Here Comes Science two years ago).

By now you can listen to all of the tracks on The Rap Guide to Evolution Revised via Brinkman’s website.  If you’re going to see the show in New York City this summer, it closely resembles this album, rather than the first iteration of RGE, which was unveiled in 2009.  There are four new tracks, and the rest are revised versions of tracks from the first RGE.  The revisions are in both beats and lyrics (sometimes subtly).  In some cases the songs sound very different while expressing the same ideas.  Genetically speaking the genotypes aren’t that different, but the phenotypes diverge a fair bit.  The tune with the widest divergence shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been paying attention.

You can stream the music already, and download it under a name your own price arrangement.  If you’re still reading this post by now, I’ll bet you give and give generously.  Me, I’m sufficiently old school to hold out for a tangible CD.