Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of October 16

This week is NBC’s week off in late night.  I suppose their shows and the CBS shows all needed a week off before the final campaign madness (CBS programs were in repeats last week).  Conan is in repeats again this week, but they are likely working on their upcoming trip to New York.  Right before Election Day the show will spend a week broadcasting from New York City.  The repeat of note is Friday’s edition of The Late Late Show (which typically runs repeats on Fridays), when you can see Michael Sheen’s recent appearance.  Sheen plays Dr. William Masters on the program Masters of Sex.

The offerings this week are skimpy.  It’s an extra reason to note tonight’s episode of StarTalk on the National Geographic Channel, where his main guest is string theorist Brian Greene.  The theme of the night is not clear at first glance, though a preview clip suggests that part of the episode will discuss links between music and physics.

The one listing of note this week involves Hugh Laurie, most known in the U.S. for playing a doctor on House.  On Wednesday he will visit The Late Show to discuss his new program, Chance.  The show premieres that night on the Hulu streaming service, and Laurie plays a doctor on that program as well.  This time he’s a forensic neuropsychiatrist who gets entangled with some nasty business instead of a master diagnostician with a bum leg.

Finally, speaking of doctors, the program Pure Genius will premiere on CBS next Thursday, October 27.  The show is a medical drama about a hospital developed by a technological genius seeking to radically alter health care (and address his own medical problem).


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