If You Wanted Hamilton To Have More Scientists In It, Watch This Video

While tickets to the theater phenomenon that is Hamilton have been hard to come by, the music has been easier to find.  And easier to listen to, obsess over, and create parodies of like this gem.  With words by Tim Blais (nom de YouTube – A Capella Science), and music from the song Alexander Hamilton, the video features a plethora of science focused YouTube creators, many of whom I’ve posted about here before.  See how many you can recognize.

Go ahead, listen to it again.

Sir William Rowan Hamilton was unknown to me before this tune.  He’s a Irish scientist of the 19th century, with expertise in physics, mathematics, and astronomy.  The video focuses on his work with algebraic triplets, which, if I can oversimplify it, involves expanding the use of complex numbers into three dimensions.  His knighthood preceded his work in triplets, and acknowledged his earlier extensive work in optics.  That work included developing a function that describes the working of an optical system and applying that function to dynamic systems.

But it’s still more entertaining to listen to all of that in three minutes and change versus reading that colorless paragraph.


One thought on “If You Wanted Hamilton To Have More Scientists In It, Watch This Video

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