DNA-inspired Sculptures To Sit On Auction Block

As part of a fundraising project for a building at the Francis Crick Institute, Christie’s will hold an auction for 30 double-helix sculptures on September 30 (H/T ScienceInsider).  The sculptures, prepared by a variety of artists and a town councillor, were on display in London during the summer.  Here’s a video highlighting some of them in production (Benjamin Shine’s is probably my favorite, but I’d understand if you favored Kindra Crick’s – even if just for the family connection.)

The sculptures were spread around town in an art trail, not unlike similar art projects meant to raise civic awareness as much as provide artistic experience.  I would hope that those who come away with these helical works of art see fit to have them displayed where others can still see them.

An aside – my output of late has not been the most…insightful, which I have to tout up to recent health matters.  They are on the mend, but if you become aware of human trials for 3D bioprinting, please give a holler.  I may now qualify.


One thought on “DNA-inspired Sculptures To Sit On Auction Block

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