At Least One Ig Nobel Award Really Makes You Go ‘Huh’?

The folks at Improbable Research hosted the 25th First Annual Ig Nobel Awards Ceremony on September 17 in Cambridge.  (It continues to be held the same night as the Golden Goose Awards in Washington, D.C., make of that what you will.)

The 10 IgNobel laureates of 2015 represent the usual odd mix of fields and subjects, but as hinted in the title, on award recognized a study involving the word huh.  The Literature Ig Nobel recognized the work of a team that determined that ‘huh’ features in many different languages.  Of note is that the team could not attend in person, and their work will be recognized at a special European event on October 3.

If you’d like to see what happened at the ceremony (arguably the most entertaining science awards program around) you can watch it online.


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