Kidman To Topline West End Production Of Photograph 51

Photograph 51 is a stage play about the role Rosalind Franklin played in the discovery of the shape of DNA, and how her contributions were downplayed.  Written by Anna Ziegler and first produced in 2008, the play has been produced several times since.  A notable production was during the 2011 World Science Festival, where James Watson joined Ziegler and other biologists to discuss the film.  Ziegler’s work has received attention from the Sloan Foundation, which supports science and technology themed plays and other stories.  This includes a grant to develop a screenplay of the film.

Photograph 51 will be at the Noël Coward Theatre in the West End of London starting on September 5, with Nicole Kidman playing Franklin.  It marks the first London stage performance by Kidman since 1998, and is scheduled to run through November 21.  Here’s a glimpse of Kidman as Franklin in this promotional video:


One thought on “Kidman To Topline West End Production Of Photograph 51

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