While We Wait For More Pluto Photos…

Data downloads from the end of the solar system take time, as does the data processing necessary to make the pretty pictures.  You can bide your time by checking out some of the videos developed in response to the New Horizons flyby.

First, from Coma Niddy:

Tom McFadden took on Pluto’s largest moon in his latest Science Times video, which breaks from musical form for obvious reasons:

While there are likely other music videos out there, I want to close with a late night host.  Stephen Colbert hasn’t officially started on The Late Show, but he has been releasing videos either about putting the show together or news events that demand comment now.  The Pluto flyby is one of those things.  I’m now very comfortable in saying Colbert’s Late Show will be frequently mentioned in my late night science and technology posts.


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