President Obama Wants You To Sync For Science

This week the Science Channel has had President Obama host its 9 pm (Eastern and Pacific) DNews segments.  On the Thursday edition the President used the time to promote the Precision Medicine Initiative and specifically, the Sync4Science program.

The Sync for Science (S4S) program is being administered by the Office of the National Health Coordinator for Health Information Technology.  That office joined the National Institutes of Health in launching a pilot of Sync4Science last month, so we are still some time away from being able to push the button the President speaks about in the video.

The initial phases of the pilot will start with small amounts of patient data and expand from there.  At this point the work is limited to electronic health record providers and health systems, with no set deadline for full implementation.  So you’re not alone if you think the President teased us last night.

One thought on “President Obama Wants You To Sync For Science

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