INGSA Seeks Speaker Suggestions For Second Global Conference

The International Network for Global Science Advice (INGSA) is holding its second global conference in Brussels this September 29 and 30, in conjunction with the European Commission.  The organizers have the following goals for the conference:

  • Identify core principles and best practices, common to structures providing scientific advice for governments worldwide.
  • Identify practical ways to improve the interaction of the demand and supply side of scientific advice.
  • Describe, by means of practical examples, the impact of effective science advisory processes.

Part of the conference involves parallel sessions, and the conference organizers are open to suggestions for speakers.  These sessions will have three speakers each, and are organized around the following topics:

  • Parallel Session I: Scientific advice for global policy
  • Parallel Session II: Getting equipped – developing the practice of providing scientific advice for policy
  • Parallel Session III: Scientific advice for and with society
  • Parallel Session IV: Science advice crossing borders

More details on each of the sessions, including specific topics the organizers are looking to cover, are found at the INGSA website.  The organizers are open to individuals submitting their own name (with a proposal), or others suggesting speakers (without a proposal).  Researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders in the development and/or application of science advice are all possible speakers.

Submissions will close on March 25th, and organizers intend to review the submissions and notify all accepted speakers within four weeks of that date.  Plenary speakers for the conference will be announced at a later date.

One thought on “INGSA Seeks Speaker Suggestions For Second Global Conference

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