Mooney Gives Up on the First “Republican War on Science” and Starts Another

For the shrinking group of people interested in both the Obama Administration’s scientific integrity policies and the musings of science blogger Chris Mooney, his recent silence on scientific integrity policies seems odd.  Since those policies target much of the behavior he described in his polemical opus “The Republican War on Science,” I would think he’d […]

A Foolish Consistency in the “War on Science”

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Self-Reliance,” Essays: First Series, 1841 Some folks are having trouble with, or just having a cow over this recent George Will column where he encourages Congress not to cut research spending or support for research […]

Thinking About Kansas and the “War on Science”

My recent post on the unintentional misrepresentation of scientific input by the Interior Department attracted the attention of Josh Rosenau over at Thoughts From Kansas.  This led to a follow-up from each of us, and now we’ll be exchanging thoughts on the “war on science” over at his blog.  He will respond directly to my […]

War on Science at the Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration has admitted that politics trumped a scientific review in the case of a medical device approved in late 2008 (H/T ScienceInsider and elsewhere).  The device in question is the Menaflex, which is a collagen scaffold device designed to assist in meniscus (cartilages in the knee that helps maintain the joint […]

What Does “The War on Science” Mean Now? Whatever Mooney Wants it to Mean?

The “war on science” is over. Or at least it is in the sense that I originally meant the phrase: We’re at the close of the Bush administration’s years of attacks on the integrity of scientific information—its biased editing of technical documents, muzzling of government researchers, and shameless dispersal of faulty ideas about issues like […]

The Rhetorical Problems with the “War on Science”

SEED magazine is running an exit interview with Dr. John Marburger, President Bush’s science adviser, that it held on November 5.  Given the magazine’s endorsement of President-elect Obama was as much against Bush as for Obama, Dr. Marburger took the opportunity to respond to what he considers an endorsement “astoundingly inaccurate in its portrayal of […]