Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of December 3

The past week was, regrettably, yet another loser for science and technology content on the late night programs.  The one note of merit is Jeff Goldblum’s appearance on The Late Late Show on December 3.  While most of his time on the program was focused on music (either his own or a parody song focused on him), Goldblum is playing a medical doctor in an upcoming project called The Mountain.

Given the dearth of content, it’s worth bringing up that once again the Science Channel will run a mega-marathon of MythBusters episodes in the U.S., starting on December 22.  It will run until early 2019, and serve as a lead-in/promotion for the new program MythBusters Jr.  Hosted by Adam Savage, the show will focus on a group of six young makers – all under 16 at the time of taping – as they seek to test conventional wisdom, sayings and myths.  The 10-episode series will begin on January 2nd in the U.S.

(presumably that puts a final note on the version of MythBusters that ran late last year with Brian Louden and Jon Lung).  Not all of the episodes they taped were aired during that run, so I would tune in during the later days of the marathon to see if viewers have a chance to watch them.


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