Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of October 29

The highlight of last week’s science and technology late night content was “Science Bob” Pflugfelder.  He returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on November 1.  The science educator and demonstrator has favored Kimmel several times before.

In keeping with a demonstration theme, The Late Late Show reran a recent appearance by Professor Robert Winston.  Lord Winston is very active in several areas in the U.K., including service in the House of Lords, as a television presenter on various scientific programs, and as a fertility doctor and researcher.  When on The Late Late Show (FWIW, one of his son’s is a co-executive producer on the program) the focus of his segments is usually science demonstrations.

Finally, Jeffrey Wright, who plays one of the android characters on Westworld, appeared on the November 2 edition of The Real.  He’s currently promoting a documentary he’s produced on veterans’ recovery from war related injuries.