To Get That Science Entertainment Fix, Maybe Listen To The Radio

While the late night and other talk show listings have been feeble this year, there have been other options for getting that kind of content.

National Public Radio has delivered on this front quite recently.  For the weekend of February 3, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! had on Nobel laureate Michael Rosbash.  Dr. Rosbash was recognized in 2017 for his work on circadian rhythms, and played the trivia game “Not My Job.”  The following weekend the puzzle program Ask Me Another hosted former astronaut Chris Hadfield. The singer-astronaut was also quizzed on the science of winter sports.

NPR also hosted a short-lived podcast hosted by Paula Poundstone focused on scientific research.  The comedian is frequently frustrated on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! by the questions based on scientific studies and turned that into Live From the Poundstone Institute. While there was always a celebrity guest, the show frequently interviewed researchers about their seemingly weird work.

If you really need some visuals, The Simpsons recently ran an episode with scientific themes.  “Haw-Haw Land” started at a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) conference, and included a subplot with Bart exploring the prank potential of chemistry.


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