Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of February 5

This was the last week before the Winter Olympics will wreak havoc on talk show schedules.  Most of the late night programs will get out of the way – either to avoid the juggernaut or because they air on the same network.

I’ll start the list with a proper mathematician – Danica McKellar.  The actress, author and mathematician was on The Real February 7.

StarTalk featured puppets, with an emphasis on Muppets, in its February 4th episode.  Noted director and puppeteer Frank Oz was the featured guest.

Regrettably that was it for science and technology guests this week.  I will note a recent (January 16th) edition of Today’s Future Now on The Daily Show.  Correspondent Ronny Chieng spent the segment poking fun at the latest collection of future gadgets promoted at the Consumer Electronics Show.

On Monday (February 12th) The Late Show will repeat the January episode that featured Neil deGrasse Tyson.  StarTalk, however, is off this week.

The latest MythBusters season continues, with two more episodes to air on Wednesdays.  New hosts Brian Louden and Jon Lung have been joined on two separate episodes by Allen Pan and Tamara Robertson, who also competed to host the show.  Robertson is reportedly going to be part of a science prank show debuting on the Science Channel later this year.  Johnny Galecki, who plays one of the scientists on The Big Bang Theory, is producing and will likely host.


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