Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of January 29

The trend of slim pickings in 2018 has drifted into February.  I’ll lead with the January 28th edition of Star Talk, which focused on science and religious faith from a predominantly neurological perspective.  Host Neil deGrasse Tyson spoke with featured guest, neuroscientist Sam Harris (who is also known for his public criticism of religion).  Neuroscientist and physician Andrew Newberg joined Tyson in studio.

I did miss something from earlier in the month, which repeated on The Late Late Show on February 2.  Gillian Anderson, currently back on The X-Files as Agent (and medical doctor) Dana Scully, had appeared on the program January 9th and I missed it.  My apologies.

The other new content of note this week is an appearance from Sonequa-Martin Green, who plays Michael Burnham on Star Trek: Discovery.  Burnham is trained as a xenoarchaeologist and often serves as a science specialist on the show.  She was on the February 1st edition of Last Call with Carson Daly.  Her co-star, Anthony Rapp, who plays another scientist on Discovery, was on The Talk February 2.


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