Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of January 1

First, a correction.  I assumed based on the promos I watched during the recent MythBusters mega-marathon that the latest episode would feature two contestants from MythBusters: The Search – in addition to new hosts Brian Louden and Jon Lung.  That did not happen.  Perhaps the myth that featured the other contestants will air later this season, but I do not know this for certain, and when it might happen if it does.

While Star Talk was not on on New Year’s Eve (it returns January 7th, with guest Alan Alda), host Neil deGrasse Tyson does win the week for science and technology content for being the sole guest on the January 5th edition of The Late Show.  Just as he was on The Colbert Report, Tyson is the guest with the most appearances (to date) on The Late Show during Stephen Colbert’s tenure as host.  Taped earlier in the week – the program doesn’t typically tape on Fridays, Tyson and Colbert discussed general astronomy subjects, including a recent extrasolar object that passed through the solar system recently.  Colbert also touched on space-related subjects during other segments of the program, which included a re-airing of his February 2017 visit to the Kennedy Space Center (which is *not* the agency’s headquarters).  In this visit, Colbert tried on a new style of spacesuit and poked around the Starliner crew capsule being developed as an option for carrying astronauts into space.

While many programs have returned from their holiday breaks, not all have.  There were some repeats this week involving science and technology guests.  If you couldn’t stay up on January 5th for Neil deGrasse Tyson on The Late Show, you could have caught a rerun of his September appearance on Harry earlier in the day.  Similarly, Silicon Valley actor Kumail Nanjiani had both repeat and original appearances this week.  On January 5th he had a new appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show while on the 2nd you could have caught his September appearance on Harry.

Jeff Goodell is an author and journalist who occasionally writes on science topics.  On the January 3 edition of The Opposition, Goodell attempted to discuss his latest book – dealing with sea level rise – with host Jordan Klepper.


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