Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of December 25

Merry Christmas (belated)…

The holiday repeats continue, unless the program is actually pre-empted.  Some programs will return on January 2nd, but most should be back by January 9th.

Regrettably, none of this week’s repeats featured a science and/or technology linked guest, and Star Talk was off.  I am catching up on some shows, and can point you to a lot of recent segments from The Daily Show.

Correspondent Ronny Chieng focused on recent developments in high-tech law enforcement on the December 11 edition. Most of them looked to be a little too ahead of their time, but I’ll let you be the judge.  Chieng also had a segment covering the tech trends of 2017 in one of The Daily Show‘s year in review shows, and talked about cryptocurrencies on the December 14 episode.  In tech coverage that doesn’t involve Ronny Chieng, the show covered the Federal Communications Commission reversal on net neutrality on December 14.

The MythBusters megamarathon is in full effect until late on January 3rd.  I’ll note that the new episode that premieres at the end of the megamarathon includes two of the contestants from MythBusters: The Search that were not new hosts Brian Louden and Jonathan Lung


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