Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 3

Yes, this post is a bit late.  But given the listings, it’s really nobody’s loss…

Nearly every program is in repeats this week, or pre-empted.  And of those few programs airing new episodes, there are no science and technology guest bookings of note.

I did, however, miss the Brian Greene booking for the June 28th edition of The Late Show.  As has happened during the physicist’s previous appearances with Stephen Colbert, there was a science demonstration.  It followed a discussion of the double-slit experiment, which recently celebrated its 90th anniversary.

The quote referenced in the thumbnail occurs early in the segment, and is – perhaps regrettably – glossed over.  Regrettably only in the sense that I think the political issue(s) involved deserve some more thoughtful discussion, particularly in the activity that has or hasn’t taken place since April’s March for Science.

But back to the late night stuff.  On June 30th The Late Show aired an episode that was a mix of new comedy content blended with recent interviews.  Part of the monologue that night touched on science issues, including the ongoing trial of pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli.  (Note – the language within is perhaps not appropriate for the younglings.)  Another portion discussed a possible ethical issue with the recent EPA decisions about a pesticide ban (skip to roughly 4:30 in the clip).


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