Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of February 20

This week some shows are off, while others are just off tonight due to the federal holiday.  Of those repeats (or in the case of The Daily Show, theme shows) none appear to have science or technology guests or content.

The new shows are similarly scarce.  Former doctor who now plays one on TV Ken Jeong will be on The Tonight Show this Wednesday, but that’s it.  Not even an animal expert to sort of tide one over for next week.

MythBusters: The Search will end its run on Saturday and reveal the people who will be part of a new MythBusters program.  Four contestants remain, and one of the questions remaining besides who will ‘win’ is how many of them will ‘win.’  Producers have indicated there will be more than one MythBuster in the new program, but there could be a team of three rather than two busting myths for the audience.  There is, of course, no guarantee of this new program lasting as long as its predecessor, but a fellow can hope, right?


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