Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of January 30

Yes, I’m late.  Apologies, but physical labor and a head cold can sometimes make one sleep for many, many hours.

The biggest science and technology-themed entries this week are focused on Dr. Ken, a sitcom starring former doctor Ken Jeong.  He will be on Thursday’s edition of Conan, and is joined by Suzy Nakamura, who plays his wife on the show (both characters are doctors) on Thursday’s edition of The Real.  Another TV doctor is Rob Lowe (currently on Code Black) who is on with Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday.  (So is animal expert Dave Salmoni, but I don’t usually list these segments.)

I’ll take Carla Gugino’s appearance on Wednesday’s edition of Live with Kelly as a chance to note the film The Space Between Us.  The film chronicles the return to Earth of the first human born on Mars.  Gugino has a small part in the film, which is being promoted as a teenage romantic film.  How much science (including the biological impacts of birth on another planet) will be in the film isn’t clear.  It premieres this Friday in the U.S.

Once again, not much to offer.  The Search continues for the next crop of MythBusters, but I am not happy with the eliminations to date (anything more is spoilage).  Then again, I’m not crazy about the idea of hosts being selected through a competition rather than a more conventional process.


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