Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of January 2

Welcome to 2017, everyone.  Regrettably outside forces are keeping me to a weekly posting schedule, but I am still Tweeting.

Some shows are continuing their holiday breaks this week, even if just for tonight.  Of this week’s repeats, Thandie Newton’s recent appearance with Carson Daly airs again on Wednesday.  Newton plays one of the androids on the HBO series Westworld.

StarTalk continues Season 3 tonight with a focus on sports.  The main guest is soccer goalie Hope Solo, and sports psychologist Brent Walker is also part of the show.

Relevant guests from this week’s new programs are courtesy of the historical drama Hidden Figures, which chronicles the work of some of the human computers the agency employed during the space race. The movie is opening wider, and you can catch Taraji Henson talk about it on Tuesday with Jimmy Kimmel.  The same night her co-star Janelle Monae will talk with James Corden.  Corden hosts another Hidden Figures actor, Jim Parsons, on Wednesday.

As I type this the MythBusters MegaMarathon is in it’s final 13 hours.  The competition to find the next set of MythBusters starts on Saturday, with the television show MythBusters: The Search.  I’m not sanguine about reality competition shows, but that is likely my only serious concern with an attempt to do a MythBusters sequel that involves all new hosts.  After all, if part of what makes MythBusters good television is the chemistry of the hosts, I’m not sure how that’s effectively reviewed in a competition show.  And if former MythBusters Imahara, Byron and Belleci weren’t already doing a new project on Netflix, I might be more put off by The Search.  Regardless, 10 contestants will somehow be whittled down to some smaller number to attempt to put lightning back in a bottle.  Good luck with that.


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