Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of December 19

Not all late night programs have started their Christmas breaks yet.  The Comedy Central programs are pre-empted this week, and a few of the broadcast shows will air through the end of this week.

Star Talk also has a new episode tonight (Monday).  The featured guest is William Shatner, and the power of science fiction will once again be a theme of the program (especially if you count the podcast-only editions of both StarTalk Live and the recently added StarTalk All-Stars).  Tyson can also be seen on this week’s all-new episode of Science Goes to the Movies.  The episode covers the Ice Age films, which Tyson will no doubt criticize for their lack of scientific realism (putting aside the notion of talking animals).  It has already premiered on CUNY TV, and should be available soon via the show’s website.  (You area may also air the show on a PBS affiliate.  Check those local listings.)

Looking at the week’s repeats, you can both Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence visiting with Ellen last month to promote the newly released film Passengers.  Lawrence is also on tonight’s (Monday’s) new edition of Watch What Happens Live on Bravo.  Pratt will sit down with Stephen Colbert on Friday’s Late Show.

Hidden Figures will premiere in limited release on Christmas Day.  Janell Monae, one of the leads, will appear on Tuesday’s Tonight Show to promote the film.  Jim Parsons is also in the film (he usually plays a scientist on The Big Bang Theory), and will be on Thursday’s edition of the show.  The film chronicles the work of NASA human computers (a team of African American women) as they support the Mercury astronauts.

While he is currently best known as the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be on with Conan this Tuesday.

During the upcoming holiday break, you can fill the gap with the MythBusters mega-marathon, starting on the 23rd.  The MythBusters build team can now be streamed on Netflix as The White Rabbit Project.  You can also catch a few segments from recent programs.  On December 6 The Daily Show addressed how the military is trying to do its job in a more green fashion.  On the December 12 episode of Full Frontal, host Sam Bee talked about government surveillance (Russian and others), including an interview with Chris Soghoian, chief technologist at the ACLU.

As I’m still stuck on weekly posts, I’ll wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and see you next week.


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