Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of December 5

The Thanksgiving vacations are done for the late night programs, and none to soon to get ready for the Christmas breaks.

Tonight’s edition of Star Talk features actor Terry Crews.  The show will focus in part on Crews former career as a professional football player to discuss diet and exercise.  For the show not to address brain trauma would be an unfortunate oversight.

There’s a special Conan program on Wednesday the 7th.  Continuing a series of foreign specials, this prime time program will focus on a recent trip to Berlin.  I don’t know whether or not there would be a science and/or technology component of the show.  There is also a regular episode of Conan that night, and Melissa Rauch, who plays a scientist on The Big Bang Theory, will appear.

The week’s offerings are thin.  However, two of the lead cast in Hidden Figures, the forthcoming movie about NASA mathematicians, are appearing on shows this week.  Octavia Spencer is on with Stephen Colbert this Thursday, while castmate Taraji P. Henson is on with Seth Meyers the same night.

I’ll end with a note of last week’s Tim Daly interview with Stephen Colbert.  Part of the November 30th program, the two discussed Daly’s work in arts advocacy, and at around 5:15 in the segment, Daly discusses a recent experience he had at a Brian Cox (the physicist, not the actor) that prompted him to realize how artists can place scientific endeavors in an emotional context.


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