Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of November 28

Some shows remain off this week following the Thanksgiving holiday.  Of this week’s repeats (many of which are not yet announced), you can see Thandie Newton talk playing a robot on Tuesday’s Late Show.  The same night you can see Benedict Cumberbatch’s (who plays a surgeon in Doctor Strange) last appearance with Jimmy Kimmel.

For new content, we start again with Star Talk.  Tonight’s (Monday’s) new episode features Buzz Aldrin.  What more needs be said for you to tune in?

For this week’s new shows we start with Monday’s edition of Ellen, where actor James Marsden was on to discuss being a ‘host’ (android) on the HBO series Westworld.  The rest of the week consists of humans playing a doctor, an engineer and a scientist.  Ken Jeong, who was a practicing medical doctor and plays one on TV, is making the talk show rounds.  He appears on Wednesday’s edition of The Late Late Show and Thursday’s edition of The Talk.  Also on Thursday you can watch Simon Helberg talk with Conan.  He plays an engineer on The Big Bang Theory and the actress playing his scientist wife, Melissa Rauch, is on Friday’s episode of The Talk.

With many of this week’s repeat lineups still a mystery, check this post for any possible late additions.


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