Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of October 3

A brief mention of a guest I missed in last week’s post.  Kunal Nayyar, who plays scientist Raj on The Big Bang Theory, visited Conan on September 28.  As my usual sources had a different guest listed instead of him for that night, and The Big Bang Theory shoots several hundred feet from the Conan stage, I am assuming a last minute cancellation required the Conan staff to book Nayyar.

Chelsea Handler continues to demonstrate that her E! Network talk show is notably different from her current show on Netflix.  (I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned her more in these posts for her Netflix show in its first few months than I did for the seven years of her E! program).  Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz is her guest for the show released on Wednesday.  I’m sure they’ll talk about more than his hair.  She might not even mention it.

Yesterday the HBO series Westworld premiered, and one of the actors is making the rounds.  James Marsden plays one of the robots in the show, and he sits down with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show tonight (Monday).  Kumail Nanjiani is not on Westworld, but the Silicon Valley actor (who plays one of the software developers) is on Conan tonight.

We’ll close out the listings this weeks with two appearances by Mr. Robot star Christian Slater.  He’ll be on with Ellen Degeneres Thursday afternoon and with Conan O’Brien that night.

Last week’s announcement by Elon Musk about his long-term Mars colonization plans landed on many of the late night programs, including @midnight and The Late Show on September 28.  Other shows may take advantage of the material this week as well, but it’s hard to predict the late night shelf-life of news stories.


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