Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of September 26

A brief aside about this week’s listings.  This Friday Deepwater Horizon, a film about the explosion of that oil rig that led to a major ecological disaster, premieres in the United States.  It stars Mark Wahlberg (who is on Live with Kelly on Friday) but appears to focus primarily on those who were on the rig when catastrophe struck.

Tonight’s primary guest on StarTalk is Mayim Bialik.  She plays a neuroscientist on The Big Bang Theory and earned a Ph.D. in the subject.  The show continues its past practice of including a scientist as part of the discussion segments of the program, and Bill Nye continues to provide commentary on at least one of the topics covered in the show.  A new item from last week’s episode (already available as a podcast) was the inclusion of Mona Chalabi, data editor of The Guardian.  Next Monday’s episode will have tightrope walker Philippe Petit as the primary guest.

This appears to be a week for those playing doctors on television.  Rob Lowe joins the cast of hospital show Code Black as one of the doctors.  He was on Live with Kelly today (Monday), and with Stephen Colbert tonight.  Ken Jeong, who plays Dr. Ken in the show of the same name (and did practice medicine at one point), is on both Harry and @midnight on Thursday.  Michael Sheen, who plays sex research Doctor William Masters on Masters of Sex, was on The Talk today.  Kevin McKidd, who plays a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, will be on Live with Kelly Thursday.

In non-doctor guest news, Reid Hoffman, co-founder of the social media job site LinkedIn is on The Daily Show Wednesday.  Morgan Freeman, host of Through The Wormhole, will be on Live with Kelly and The Late Show Thursday.  He may be promoting the new season of Madam Secretary, on which he acts and serves as an executive producer, but he isn’t shy talking science and technology.

In content from last week of note, I’ll simply say that the patent Apple filed on a bag was a big hit on several late night programs, either in the monologue or as a distinct segment like this one from Conan.  Additionally, The Daily Show spent time covering Facebook on its September 22 show, though part of the segment was focused on the recently announced Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (named for the Facebook founder and his wife), which pledges $3 billion to combat disease and promote equality.


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