Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of September 19

A brief mention of last night’s Emmy Awards before diving into the listings.  Two of the lead acting Emmys were awarded to performers on science and technology themed shows.  Tatiana Maslany won for best lead actress in a drama.  She plays several clones in the show Orphan Black, and this was her second Emmy nomination.  Rami Malek, who plays Elliott on Mr. Robot, won for best lead actor in a drama.  Elliott is, among other things, a hacker.

Tonight is the debut of Season 3 of StarTalk on the National Geographic Channel.  His guest tonight is Whoopi Goldberg.  This marks a new night for StarTalk, which was on Sunday nights for its two seasons last year.  The show will eventually be online, but you will likely need a cable subscription to access it.  The StarTalk Live podcast will likely air a slightly extended version of each episode at a later date.  Host Neil deGrasse Tyson made the rounds last week, but I missed advance word of his appearance on ESPN’s SportsNation from September 13.

This week marks the beginning of the fall television season in the U.S.  There are two actors playing scientists making the rounds this week.  Lucy Liu plays Dr. Joan Watson on Elementary, which starts its fifth season in a couple of weeks.  On Thursday she will be on both The Talk and The Late Late Show.  Michael Weatherly plays a jury consultant on a new program called Bull.  I’m highly skeptical of how accurate the science might be on this program, but it doesn’t air until Tuesday.  Weatherly will be on The Talk and The Late Late Show today/tonight (Monday).

The new season also means appearances by other actors playing medical doctors.  Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy is on The Late Late Show Wednesday.  Ken Jeong, who plays Dr. Ken, and did practice medicine at one time, is on The Tonight Show Thursday night.


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