So We May Be Getting The Astronaut Twin Movie We Didn’t Know You Wanted

Astronaut Scott Kelly recently retired from NASA after, among other notable things, completing a nearly one-year term on the International Space Station.  As sometimes happens, he will be writing a memoir (currently titled Endurance: My Year in Space), and it is expected to come out in November 2017.

What is not so common, at least with astronaut memoirs, is to have a movie come along with the book.  But that just might happen.  The Hollywood Reporter notes that Sony has purchased the movie rights for the book (H/T Vulture).  Of course, this is no guarantee of a film, but Scott Kelly is not the average astronaut.  For better or for worse, he has a bit more to his story that probably makes a movie much more likely.

Scott Kelly spent nearly a year on the International Space Station in part to participate in a study to better understand changes to the human body in space.  He is well suited because of his identical twin brother Mark, who is also a retired astronaut.  Apparently the two were quite competitive growing up, so it’s not that hard to envision some montages of identical brothers on the athletic field, in the classroom, in the cockpit, etc.

Mark is also married to former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who served on the House Space, Science and Technology Committee and survived an assassination attempt a few years ago.  Both of the Kellys and Congresswoman Giffords will be involved with the development of the film.  No director or writer is currently attached, though it is possible that Scott Kelly’s co-writer, Margaret Lazarus Dean, may be involved with the script.


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