Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of September 12

First, an oversight from last week.  On September 7, Adam Brody appeared on The Late Late Show.  He was there promoting StartUp, which is a Crackle fiction series about a company developing an alternative electronic currency.  He also mentioned it during his recent appearance on The Late Show.

Second, there are some changes in the talk show landscape, though they are during the day.  Meredith Viera’s program is officially off the air, after being in repeats for months.  What may be taking it’s place in your neck of the woods is Harry – a new program hosted by singer and actor Harry Connick, Jr.  And he does have a relevant guest on his Friday show.  Amy Adams, who plays a linguist asked to talk to aliens in Arrival, is scheduled to appear.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is making a rare west coast swing.  He’ll appear on The Late Late Show on Wednesday, and on the episode of Chelsea released the same day.  Chelsea Handler’s Netflix program continues to distinguish itself from her E! channel program by including scientists and those who play them on TV.  Michael Sheen, promoting the new season of Masters of Sex, where he plays researcher William Masters, is on the same episode as Tyson.

I will note that the promotional campaign for Snowden, a film about Edward Snowden and the surveillance he exposed, is ramping up.  The film premieres in the United States on Friday, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Snowden, is making the rounds.  Tuesday he appears on Live with Kelly and on The Late Show.  Wednesday he visits The View and Late Night with Seth Meyers.  One of Gordon-Levitt’s co-stars, Timothy Olyphant, is on the Conan program Monday (tonight).  He plays a CIA agent who befriends Snowden, but I do not know the extent of this character’s technical knowledge.

(Late Addition) – Two segments on the September 7th edition of The Daily Show are worth watching, not just for the science and technology content, but the related satire.  On that show there was an update on Zika and a segment on the recent Apple keynote and iPhone7 rollout.


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