Blow Your Kazoo For A New Kids Magazine

The first issue of Kazoo premiered last month (H/T  Aimed for girls between 5 and 10, the magazine is chock-a-block full of activities and interesting articles, with lots of science and adventure thrown in.  The quarterly was founded by Erin Bried and funded in large part through a Kickstarter campaign.  Based on this interview at Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, she intends Kazoo to be vast and contain multitudes of things young girls can’t find in other magazines.  Bried has more than 16 years experience as a magazine writer and editor, and has also written three books full of how-to goodness.  Clearly some amount of that will seep into Kazoo if it hasn’t already.

Take a (quick) look inside the first issue.

By all means, check and see if it’s at your local bookstore (and ask them to carry it if they don’t).  Subscriptions and individual issues are also available online (along with some swag).  (For those who might balk at the price, think about how much time young readers will spend immersed in the pages.  It’ll be worth it.)


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