Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of September 5

While most of the shows are off or pre-empted today, the summer repeats are effectively over.  Conan is off this week, but that’s because Conan O’Brien is off shooting material for a future episode with him in Berlin.

Last week marked the end of The Late Show‘s first year with new host Stephen Colbert.  Part of Friday’s show was a segment taped in June with Simone Giertz.  She’s a YouTube notable who creates robots that don’t work so well (on purpose).  The Late Show also makes the post for last Wednesday’s edition, where the cold open involved Segways.  In other guest appearances I missed posting in advance, Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian appeared in a game segment on the September 1 edition of The Late Late Show.  Adrian merits mention for his role in a MythBusters episode testing how well people can swim in syrup compared to water.

A new season of Masters of Sex premieres on Showtime later this month, and the two actors playing researchers Masters and Johnson are promoting the show.  Michael Sheen will be on The Late Late Show Thursday, and Lizzy Caplan will be on with Jimmy Kimmel Friday night (a rare first-run Friday episode for the program).

In other guest listings, while Zach Woods is likely on to promote an unrelated movie, the Silicon Valley star will likely talk about the program when he visits The Late Late Show Tuesday night.  It would appear that U.K. scientist Lord Robert Winston is a guest that same night.  His son Ben is an executive producer of The Late Late Show, so the booking is not entirely out of left field.  It does make a rare week when The Late Late Show merits multiple listings when the host is not Craig Ferguson.

There may be additions to this list, as once again the Friday listings for The Late Show are not available.  Check the @p_phronesis Twitter feed should there be such additions.


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