Netflix Adds To Science Offerings With White Rabbit Project

Not long after announcing that Bill Nye would host a science-oriented talk show for the service, Netflix has added to its science offerings.  The White Rabbit Project, an unscripted reality program from the production company behind MythBusters, was announced yesterday at a DragonCon panel, and will premiere globally on Netflix in December.

(I should note now that current searches for White Rabbit on Netflix are likely to turn up an unrelated movie that isn’t well reviewed.)

The hosts of White Rabbit Project are Kari Byron, Tori Belleci and Grant Imahara, familiar faces to many from their work on MythBusters.  The show, at first blush, bears at least some resemblance to MythBusters, as the hosts will be doing builds and conducting experiments.  The subjects of those experiments are culled from history, pop culture and science and might be a bit weirder than what was covered on MythBusters.

There are 10 episodes, with much of the shooting having taken place already this year.  No word on whether Netflix will release them weekly, or all at once.  Either way, folks around the world will be able to find out come December.


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