The Science Guy Will Be A Talk Show Guy

Apparently writing kids books and being CEO of The Planetary Society isn’t enough work for Science Guy Bill Nye.  Today it was announced that Netflix will start airing a talk show hosted by Nye in spring 2017.  While arguably Nye never really left, this will be his first regular television gig since Bill Nye the Science Guy ended in 1998.

(I do not yet know whether the program will be available through Netflix (or other sources) outside the U.S.)

Netflix (at least in the U.S.) recently started airing talk shows with Chelsea, which premieres new episodes three times a week.  Bill Nye Saves the World will focus each episode (no word yet on how often they will premiere) on a topic, examining it from a scientific point of view.  It will tackle any myths or claims on the topic that can be scientifically disproven.

Befitting Nye’s own start on Almost Live!, the two head writers of the show will bring comedy and science experience to the show.  Mike Drucker is leaving The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to join the show.  He has also written for Saturday Night Live.  Joining Drucker is Phil Plait, also known as The Bad Astronomer, is an astronomer and frequent talking head on science documentaries.

As I mentioned, Nye is no stranger to television, having guested regularly on talk shows and news programs over the last two decades.  Esquire has a few clips from his more recent appearances.

Needless to say, every episode will be mentioned in my late night listings posts on Mondays.  As it happens, former Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson showrunner Michael Naidus will serve in the same capacity on Bill Nye Saves the World, and be one of the executive producers.  Add to that the fact that Phil Plait appeared on The Late Late Show, and now I have a feeble excuse to embed one of Nye’s appearances with Ferguson.


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