Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of August 29

It’s a light week, with Labor Day coming up.  The Comedy Central programs are pre-empted, and some shows will sneak in a few repeats before the long holiday weekend.  Of those repeats, I’ll call out the Friday version of The Talk, which is a repeat of the episode from July 22 with four of the cast of Star Trek Beyond, including Zachary Quinto (who plays Science Officer Spock) and Karl Urban (who plays Doctor Leonard McCoy).

Mr. Robot dominates this week’s listings for science and technology guests.  Christian Slater will be on The Late Show Wednesday night, and three cast members (Carly Chaikin, Stephanie Cornielusson and Portia Doubleday) will be on the Chelsea episode released on Wednesday.  Most of the actors play hackers in the show or their characters have some computing experience.  Adam Brody will be on The Late Show Tuesday night.  He stars in an upcoming online series StartUp that, well, features people at a start-up company involved in digital currency.

Content of note from last week includes various jokes about NASA reconnecting with the spacecraft STEREO-B after a two year silence and the ending of a Mars simulation experiment in Hawaii.  Points if you already guessed a punchline along the lines of wanting to go dark (or go back) again upon hearing recent news.  Also, during Senator Al Franken’s August 22 appearance with Stephen Colbert, they briefly discussed climate change.

While many shows will be off and/or pre-empted next Monday, expect most programs to be back for the fall by September 6.


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