Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of August 22

The summer reruns will end soon-ish (none make the list this week).  The Comedy Central programs are off until after Labor Day, and The Nightly Show is already off the schedule.  Of note is that twice in its final week of shows it aired two segments that engaged with a topic that involved science.  One of host Larry Wilmore’s favorite segments was about food deserts, and it was re-run on the August 16th show.  The program took another Super Depressing Deep Dive, this time on opiod addiction.  The show’s previous Super Depressing Deep Dive, on lead poisoning, is perhaps one of the best science-themed segments the show ever did.  As is this latest (and sadly last) Deep Dive.

Two of the cast of Mr. Robot, currently in its second season on the USA Network, appear this week.  Tonight (Monday) Grace Gummer is on Late Night.  She is an FBI agent and new to the program this season.  Rami Malek, who plays the main character (a hacker and activist) is on with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday.

Kate Mara, one of the lead actors in the science fiction film Morgan, will be on The Late Late Show Thursday.  The title character of Morgan is a young girl who was created and developed in a lab, growing up faster than normal.  As you might imagine, things go wrong, and Mara’s character has to come in and assess the situation.  I’ll put the over/under on Frankenstein allusions at 12.

The most interesting science and technology guest this week will probably be Werner Herzog.  He’ll be on with Conan Wednesday night to discuss his latest documentary, which focuses on the influence of the Internet on people.


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