Herzog Documentary On The Internet Out Now

Documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog has released his latest film today, and it focuses on the Internet.  Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World is in theaters and available for download. If you don’t recognize Herzog’s name, you still might have heard his voice (or a parody thereof). Check out the trailer and find out.

Herzog’s film is primarily interested in the impacts – actual and potential – of the Internet on our lives.  The film is constructed in short chapters or snapshots, and may not break new ground in terms of history.  It does appear to provide a different way of looking at the wonder of the Internet (both good and bad) and trying to be a bit more reflective about it.

It’s worth noting that the film is presented by NETSCOUT, a company delivering network and application performance and assurance to businesses.  It seems that a senior executive at the company thought Herzog would make an interesting film about the Internet based on his previous film on texting and driving.


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